Bentonite is naturally occurring plastic clay of great commercial importance and it falls mainly under montmorillonite group (OH4 Si8 Al4 O20­ nH2O). We provide timely delivery of Bentonite Lumps within stipulated time period. Product details


Diatomite, Diatomaceous Earth or DE is the skeletal remains of single celled plants called diatoms, hence the name diatomite. These microscopic algae have the capability of extracting silica from water to produce their skeletal structure. When diatoms die their skeletal remains sink to the bottom of lakes and oceans and form a diatomite deposit. Natural diatomite is mined from deposits, that were formed millions of years ago, that were once lake and ocean bottoms. Silica (sand) is the most abundant compound on the earths crust. Natural diatomite is comprised of 85% silica the balance being other inert oxides. Product details


Silica sand is produced by crushing sand stone or quartzite of open texture, and washing and garding it to yield requisite grain distribution. Silica flour is produced by crushing grinding and washing the high grade quartz, quartzite rocks or from white silica sand. Product details